Dialer is a new revolutionary customer support and follow up tool developed by Violet. It creates an operational competency for various business organizations indulged in a lot of calling and follow up activities. The number of a particular client appears on the dashboard of the application of an agent, he/she can make a call, send an SMS or a WhatsApp message, email, view the call history or even skip on to the next number in their database as allotted by the admin itself, quite conveniently and efficiently, reducing the amount of resources being wasted and achieve superior operational competency.

Dialer makes it extremely easy for any business owner to set up a user friendly and highly integrated system to perform its daily calling tasks, thereby being able to develop an excellent CRM system quite conveniently and inexpensively.

Key features

  • Configurable Mobile App : Agents can Make a call , Send an SMS or WhatsApp message or Email. 

  • View call history.

  • Skip to the next number in case it’s required

  • User Friendly CRM : Making it easy to upload phone numbers and create members/teams

  • Smart Dashboard : Provides a detailed view of number of calls made, messages sent with date & time tracking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Dialer?

Dialer is a CRM & Marketing Tool for various organizations, especially budding entrepreneurs and small-scaled business owners, who are looking to establish a virtual call center with all the highly recognizable features of that of a wide scaled call center solution, at just a fraction of its cost.

How can I download the Dialer App?

First, Register on our website and setup your own free personal administrator dashboard. Once you have effectively registered and have received the confirmation Email from our official Email ID, info@viol8.com, login using the link provided or through the sign in option on our website. Once the Admin Dashboard opens you will be able to see the Download APP option on the bottom of the left-hand side task bar for navigation purposes.


For further assistance or queries you can also contact us on 0172-4155541.

Who can use this?

Any business owner looking to set up a daily calling CRM system inexpensively.

How can I Create an Agent?

  1. First and foremost register yourself at our website by clicking on “GET FREE ACCOUNT”.

  2. Using the above credentials, You can now login into the Dialer’s Dashboard.

  3. On the Left sidebar, Click on Agents.

  4. On this page, click on Create. A pop up will open with a fill up form.

  5. Add Name, Phone Number, Email id, username, Password of the Agent and click on Submit.

  6. “Agent configured successfully “will be displayed be displayed as a confirmation.

For further assistance or queries you can also contact us on 0172-4155541.

How can I use Agent login?

You can share the Username & Password of your created Agent manually with your team member who can later install our Dialer App and login using credentials.

How to Create a Contact?

To create a contact:

  1.  On the left sidebar of the dashboard, click on Lead Management.

  2.  On Lead Management page, click on Create Contact.

  3. Add Name, Primary Number, Email Id, Company Name, Website, City, Pin code, Date of Birth of all the people you wish to connect.

  4.  Select a list in which you want to save the contact. Click on Submit.

For further assistance or queries you can also contact us on 0172-4155541.

How to Import a Contact?

You can also Add contacts using Bulk Import by:

  1. Click on Import Contact. This feature accepts only .csv and .txt formats of file.

  2.  Choose file from window and List name from drop down menu. List name should be the list in which you want to add the contacts.

  3. Click on Upload.

For further assistance or queries you can also contact us on 0172-4155541.

How to Delete a Contact?

To delete a contact, you can select a particular checkbox of a contact from the Lead Management List or click on Bulk Delete for deleting all the leads Depending on your Requirement.

How can I Create Task? How can I Allocate Tasks to an Agent?

To add a Task:

  1.  Click on Tasks on left sidebar of dashboard.

  2.  On Tasks Page, click on Create Task.

  3. Add Name of the task, Description about the task, Select members/ agents, List Name ( i.e name of the list you wish to assign to a particular agent/member).

  4. Click on Submit.


  Task will only be visible to assigned agent if it is marked Active by Admin and its status is Running.

I am not able to login. Who should I Contact?

You can Call our technical team for real time assistance regarding any issues. We are available at 0172-4155541 from Mon-Fri (10am to 6pm).

How can I opt for Recordings?

You can contact us at 0172-4155541 from Mon-Fri (10am to 6pm) for additional Features.